Match Report
Eastbourne College Golf team vs  Sutton Valence School
On: Tuesday, 10 May 2022
Venue: at Home

A friendly match as the golf team warm up for their ISGA Matchplay final, Sutton Valence came to REGC with a team of 6. Foursomes matchplay ensued in what started as challenging conditions. George and Archie Shakespeare formed the new College double act, leading the team down the first into the wind. A fine first drive set them up well. Bryan Watkins then made his debut, playing alongside Oliver May for the first time. With their opposition being bold off the 1st tee, they responded well to get their match underway. A second debutant, Sam Hamilton then entered the fray alongside Aman Shah, teeing off last into the strongest of the wind.

As the round went on, the weather eased and Eastbourne picked up the pace on the back 9. George and Archie came home 7 and 5 winners in a comprehensive display. Aman and Sam battled hard, but some good play from their opponents resulted in a 6 and 5 loss. It was all down to Bryn and Oliver and with some great play from both, they pulled away on the back 9 and came home 4 and 3 winners, giving Eastbourne the match.

A great afternoon enjoyed by all, as such a potential return match is now on the horizon. The team look towards their ISGA Matchplay final as well as the OE's arriving in force once again for the annual match.